It’s not a charity ride. Well maybe a little bit.

There really is no going back now. After initially stating that we weren’t going to do this ride for charity we have had a change of heart, albeit it limited, and we are now committed to raising funds for two very worthy causes. I know it probably sounds incredibly selfish to even consider not raising money for charity but to be blunt, this was always intended to be a selfish, personal journey that Gill and I wanted to experience. It was, first and foremost a learning opportunity, a journey of discovery in every sense. Yes we will, no doubt, discover interesting people and places, maybe the odd exceptional pub or cafe, but most of all we hope to discover more about ourselves and each other. Initially I was of the opinion this meant that we couldn’t involve fund raising and keep the purpose of the trip pure, but as time went on I changed my mind. I can’t speak for Gill of course, but I began to feel that maybe there was a middle ground. Perhaps we could raise a bit of dosh as a kind of side line, a low level sub plot if you like. So that is what we intend to do.

I got in touch with our chosen charities and after a couple of e-mails they seemed to ‘get it’ and were very positive despite the fact that we declined the T shirts and badges on offer. All we wanted from them was their blessing to use their logos and we got it. Thank you. So now we have some level of obligation to cycle around Britain, probably. We’ve opened up the facility to donate now, not because we necessarily expect people to start giving before we even set off but it’s just one more thing done, another tick on the list.

We still intend to keep the fund raising side of things in the background, so don’t expect to see us flying charity balloons from the bikes and there definitely won’t be any giant cheques involved at the end. This is still very much our personal journey, if people want to donate because they are enjoying following us and reading our blog then that will be an excellent bonus.

More details of the charities we have chosen and why can be found on the Fund raising page.