Loaded touring bikes

Lots of people want to know how we carry everything and a surpising number assume we will use rucsacks. No, no, no! Riding with a rucsack is horrible and the weight is way too high up. Panniers enable the load to be carried low down which makes the bike handling much safer. The small front bar bags are easily detached and contain all our precious valuables. My load is 24kg and Gill’s is 19kg

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10 thoughts on “Loaded touring bikes

  1. > Rucksacks! Perish the thought.
    > I can’t see a link/URL for the images mentioned in the post – is it me?
    24kg/19kg does seem an awful lot of gear – are you taking lots of IT stuff or something.
    >My good lady and I are taking our tandem cycle camping in May (to warmer France admittedly) and with 4 panniers between us (2x28L, 2x16L plus one bar bag) I’d not be overly happy with 24Kg for both of us.
    > On the subject of bar-bags – in the UK and western Europe I’ve never worried about ‘bag snatching’ but a cycling friend currently cycling in India had her bar-bag snatched off the bike by a motorcycle pillion. In any case, it’s always wise to ‘spread the risk’ and keep a spare credit card, £10 and your phone about your person: just in case.

    • Sorry Alan, I have been having some problems with the gallery plugin in WordPress. I think it’s sorted now. Yes 24kg is a bit on the heavy side but that includes water and some fresh food so they add up to about 3kg. Good tip on the valuables.

  2. 24kgs is about standard for a self-sufficient camping load. My standard kit is about 20-23kgs, including a full tool kit, stove, fuel, pots, mess-kit , and maybe a netbook as well. But withot any food.
    Come to Australia where you need to travel for 3-6 days (or more) between food supply points, and sometimes carry all water for multiple days. On my outback tour we were carrying a payload of about 60kgs.

    • I’m probably about two or three kg up on my typical kit when younger and that is a combination of gadgetry and a desire for a bit more comfort. Phone, Tablet PC, chargers and spare battery are all thing that didn’t exist when I toured as a youngster. Progress eh?

  3. hi you two , been following your blog most days ,things sound well,love the pic of the Cow & calf ,how lucky are you , you seem to be coping with the weather & I love the beauty tips ,I’m sure you look fab Gill lots of love , take care , Pat & George xxxxxxxxxxx

      • Hi tony& gill , john in the Red Sea that’s why you can’t gat hold of him,& he’s got a real bad signal ,hope your weather is better than Lytham as it’s blowing a gale .xxxxxxxx pat. Take care

  4. Hi gill& tony ,oh thanks for your post card , well i keep reading your blog ,you seem to be getting on great , glad you now getting some good weather ,cant belive your now on the south coast .John had his opp last week ,hes doing ok but in a little pain ,hes back at work ,& will be back in Lytham at the weekend as its the proms,with Tom Jones,lots of love ,take care , Pat xxxxxxxxxx& George xxx

    • Hi Pat, lovely to hear from you. Tell John get well soon and no gyrating to Tom Jones at the weekend. We are in Brighton for a few days and looking forward to the Pride weekend. Hope the weather holds for the Proms. Love G&T

  5. Hi you two, well from someone who pats herself on the back when I cycle to fair haven lake ,you are amazing ,maybe take a little longer & find something to do not on your bikes , you will finish ,we all know you will ,good job I’m not with you ,we would still be in the Lake District xxx take care lots of love x Pat John& Woof from George xxxxxx

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