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  1. Hi guys, really good to meet you at Caerlaverock castle yesterday. We are back home at Eamont Bridge now after our short visit to the area.
    It’s a tremendous challenge that you are undertaking and we are really impressed.
    We wish you well for the rest of the trip and hope that all goes well.

    Our very best wishes, Ted and Lorraine Crook.

    • Hello Ted and Lorraine, it was great to meet you too. In Portpatrick now enjoying a beer and catching up with technology. Keep in touch. G&T

      • Morning. Good to see that things are going well. Friends recently spent some time out in Arisaig, way out west from Fort William, in their campervan. They stayed at the Sunnyside Croft site and say it is the best site they have ever stayed on. Perhaps one for you to check out.
        On Monday Lorraine and I sail from Newcastle with our caravan for a 5 week trip to France, aiming for Provence. My best Colnago will be coming along. If I can get rid of this cough and cold I may be able to do it some justice !

        All the best, Ted & Lorraine.

        • Hi Ted and Lorraine, we stayed at Sunnyside Croft last September and will definitely have it on our list next week. It’s a fabulous site. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your trip. G&T

  2. A little early I know but, when you’re in Harrogate for the Grand Depart, we are having a social thing on the Friday evening, which we’d love you to pop in if you feel so inclined. It’s what I call a “terrazza gathering” and it’s just a case of bring a bottle and a small contribution to nibbles. The terrazza (patio to normal people) is my pride and joy. We live in a first-floor flat, whose back door opens out on to the garage roof. There used to be only a fire escape but when the garage was re-roofed, our lovely landlord Sophie let us extend the fence out so there is room for a table and chairs and the sweetheart decked it for us too. So….with my Italian “connections” it was duly christened (with much Prosecco) the Terrazza and it has remained that way and has provided us with room to invite friends and get tiddly in the sunshine that starts at 10-ish and spends all day beaming on the terrazza until it dips over the rooftops about 9:30 ish. Let’s hope for a nice, warm 4th July. Feel free to call in and join us. I can email the address nearer the time. Cheers! Graham (& Paul)

  3. Hi guys, great to meet you in Inverbervie. Hope you had an uneventful journey down to Monifieth and you found the campsite ok. Jack and I completed our 56 mile run on the Wednesday including the LARGE hill!!!!! Hope Tony’s headache didn’t take too long to clear. Good night of chatter and wine was had !!!!. Good luck with the rest of your trip, look forward to reading more of your news,
    Fiona and Jack xxxx

    • Thanks guys. Well done on your run. No dramas to report other than a minor crash today. Broken mudguard and bruised hip and pride so not too serious. Really enjoyed that evening with you. All the best G&T

  4. Yo dudes, good to see that you are back on the move again. We are just back from a few days at Garlieston out in Galloway. Haven’t checked your route, which I should have done, but sure you must have been through there. We had a pleasant few days, though it isn’t somewhere we will rush back to. Too many far more interesting places to see.
    Just be careful as you head in to the West Country, some strange folk out there, our youngest son for one, he lives in Exeter.
    So easy on the scrimpy and keep on keeping on.

    Regards, Ted & Lorraine.

  5. Hi there both of you.

    We met on Shoreham Bridge, just briefly. It is a fantastic trio that you are undertaking, you have inspired me into thinking of doing something similar

    Keep going !!!


    • Wow thanks Kevin. It was great to meet you too. Hope your trip to Cornwall is/was a success. We will be in Cornwall on Tuesday and hopefully turning north towards home in less than a week. All the best G&T

  6. Hey there Gill and Tony, nice to meet you at lobb fields in braunton, hope you’re enjoying your time on the road taking in what our beautiful country has to offer steep hills and all! Only a few weeks to go and you’ll have made it look forward to reading you’re blog on the journey love from Rob Jayne and little Louie x

  7. Did you come to Sheepwash? We’re still here but you are obviously not at the address I have for you in Preston! Would be nice to get in touch again.

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