Bags and baggage

My kit from a previous tour

My kit from a previous tour

At some point I will put up a detailed kit list, mostly for the benefit of other tourers who seem to like these things. In the mean time here is a bit of fun for those who keep asking, “what will you take with you?” It just goes to show that the basics of life don’t change, at home or on a bicycle tour.

At HomeOn Tour
HouseTent/Hostel/B&B/Warm Showers
GardenThe view from the campsite
BedSleeping bag, liner, inflatable mattress, home made pillow
Wardrobes/drawersCycling clothes x 2, evening clothes x 2, underwear x 2, training shoes, hat, gloves, socks.
Bedside lampTorch
Junk under the bedNo room under bed
Personal hygieneWashbag
Bath, shower, toiletWet wipes, trowel.
Spare bedroomThat's just a silly idea
Central heating systemIf only
TV, hi-fi, music, booksGadgetry
Sofas, tables, chairsWe can make very comfy seats from our inflatable mattresses actually.
Wood burning stoveCamp fire where permitted
PicturesThe view
Ornaments and nick nacksNope. No shelves in tent.
CookerSmall meths stove
Fridge/freezerNo but we do expect the occasional frost.
Assorted pots, pans and crockeryTwo pans, one plate/choping board
Drawer full of cutleryTwo plastic Sporks
General cooking accessoriesPen knife
SinkTap in field
KettleYes! (for meths stove)
Cupboards full of food1 - 2 days dinners, up to 7 days breakfasts, lots of T bags
Shed full of tools, bikes, junk2 x bikes, 4 x inner tubes, small tool kit.
Car, trains, buses, taxisBikes
Endless supply of electricityBatteries, methylated spirits

2 thoughts on “Bags and baggage

  1. Hello Tony
    I’ve just found your blog on t’internet.
    This is a terrific adventure.I feel obliged to admit that I a tad envious & hope that all things develop as you would wish them to.
    I have now read it from the begining & really look forward to reading more.

    handshake&manhugs to you:hugs&kisses to Gill

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