Waiting games

Waiting, waiting, waiting. According to the count down feature on our blog it is five days and fifteen hours until we leave Freckleton and start our round Britain ride. Right now it feels like a life time away. The problem is, it turns out we are just a bit too organised. There are still things to do of course. From the mundane such as hair cuts to the social engagements saying goodbye to friends and family we have things to do every day between now and Saturday but still it isn’t enough.

Whilst engaged in anything directly related to the trip everything is fine. Those particular periods of time are enjoyable and they pass by quickly. It’s the bits in between that seem to stretch on forever. In fact they rival a spinning class when it comes to clock watching. It’s probably something that Stephen Hawking could really get his teeth into but I can’t be sure because I never found the time to read his famous book. (Maybe that’s what I should do now). This is presenting me with a real problem because I am well aware that time is a precious gift that is never given twice. Every minute of every day that passes is gone forever so wasting any of them is a terrible thing to do.

Time, as distorted by the wonderful Mr. Dali

Time, as distorted by the wonderful Mr. Dali

I know we all waste time, of course we do. It’s just that I am acutely aware of it at the moment. What I really want to do is to join up all the remaining commitments and squeeze them into the next two days, load the bikes up and go. In terms of planning and preparations we have definitely peaked too early. I can’t help but smile at the irony of planning that leaves you with too much time to fill before the big event. It never happened when I was employed as a project manager.

Well that’s another hour filled. (Sorry if it was a bit boring for you)


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  1. We have social engagements this week and the van isn’t booked til Wednesday to take the furniture to the storage unit. Also we are being sent off on Saturday so we can’t just sneak off!

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