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Lots of people have told Gill and I that we are brave to do what we are doing. So just for a bit of fun and to prove that we are not really, here is my take on how good old Alan Freeman might have presented our top ten fears on Pick of the Pops back in the days. Click on the video to set the scene while Alan lines up the first of our fears and concerns. (If you are under forty you might want to look at this first)

Evening folks, it’s Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman here with another edition of Pick of the Pops. This week it’s Pick of the Fears though with our top ten chosen by Gill and Tony from Clockwise Words. Not arf. Alright.

So here it is pop pickers, straight in at number ten and I think this one’s going to be a climber:

The Grand Depart by Tummy Turner and the Butterflies

Yes folks with lots of friends threatening to turn up at the departure on April 26th it’s going to be a nervous start for our two intrepid adventurers. Maybe they’ll settle down once they’re on the way but saying goodbye is always hard.

At number nine, up one this week it’s the first of two entries from a brand new band. That’s right it’s

Pooing in a Field by The Wild Campers

This one is more for Tony than for Gill. He’s one of those ‘when you gotta go you gotta go’ kind a guys so he’ll be the one trying to keep the toilet roll dry as he crouches in a field in the rain with his trousers down. Not arf.

At number eight it’s a non mover this week for:

She’s going down by The Puncture Fairies

Not a problem in most cases but when it’s cold and wet and it’s the back wheel it’s a real bummer. This is one of those irrational numbers that gets stuck in your head on a bad day and like a fear worm you just can’t get rid of it.

In at seven it’s

Driven insane by The Midges

That’s right pop pickers, these little beasties can really make you long for home. On a warm still evening on a Scottish campsite it can be a race to eat dinner before the midges eat you. Not nice folks.

Here’s a climber up from ten to six this week it’s the second chart topper from those Wild Campers themselves it’s

Mad Axe Men by The Wild Campers

Gill and Tony haven’t done any wild camping yet but everybody that has says that for the first few nights they were a bag of irrational nerves. Every rustle  of leaves, every snapping twig and snorting hedgehog will probably have them clutching their teddy bears and that’s for sure pop pickers.

Here we go with the top five now and up from fifteen last week to this week’s number five is this real tear jerker. That’s right folks it’s

Missing you already by The Lonely hearts

I reckon they’re going to miss those friends and families folks. Back in my day there weren’t any mobile phones and the internet didn’t exist but even with these new fangled inventions it won’t all be roses folks, oh no. Not arf.

Down two at number four, here it comes and it’s not looking too good for

Sick as a Dog by The Hypochondriacs

Being sick at home is no fun but being sick in a tent is the pits so let’s hope our two adventurers stay healthy and keep grooving on throughout the trip

At three it’s a non mover for

Jacking it in by The Wimps

That’s right folks. Apparently this is one of the biggest fears of all long distance travellers and our two heroes are no different. The idea of limping home early with their tail between their legs will play on their pop picking minds. Not arf it will. Alright.

At number two, up from five last week it’s

What Happens Now by The Returners

This one’s going to be a big hit I reckon. With no jobs, no home and after such a big adventure your guess is a good as mine when it comes to settling back into ordinary life. Maybe Pick of the Pops will bring them back to earth. Lets hope so.

So here it is folks. It’s the big one, it’s number one. It’s been at number one for as long as any of us can remember and the band have never ever appeared in Britain in our life time. It’s been number one all over the world and it’s kept there by crazy stories in the media. It’s the most irrational number one of all pop pickers, alright. Here it is its

Eaten Alive by The Grizzly Bears

That’s all folks. Tune in next week. Alright. Not arf. Tara.


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  1. That’s excellent Tony 🙂

    According to Tony Blackbum this one is bubbling under the Top 40 & will sooth all fears

    All Right Now by FREE (camping)

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