Thank you. We’re off!

Gill and I were talking yesterday about how the process of planning, preparing and executing our plan to date has already been a life changing experience and a very positive one too. That may sound a little dramatic but it isn’t at all. The response we have had from people and the acts of paring down our belongings and giving up home and jobs have had quite an effect on us even before we start the actual cycle journey. I was lying awake at some point in the early hours of this morning, predictably, and it struck me that we had a lot to be grateful for in getting this far. So even though it may seem a little premature I would like to say a few thank-you’s to people.

By the wonders of WordPress technology I am hoping that you will get notice of this post as we leave at 9am so we will be pedalling north, nibbling at our 5,500 mile target as I say:

To all the family, friends, acquaintances and cyber chums who really understand what we are doing and why and basically said ‘go for it’ in a completely positive way, thankyou.

To the same group but those that don’t really get it at all and have expressed, concern, fear and even horror at our plans but have still said good luck. Your reaction is special as it makes our journey special because it isn’t for everyone.

To the people who have helped in a practical way to organise things like social events, moving our stuff to storage and accommodating us before we leave, we couldn’t have got this far without you.

To a few friends who have offered to drop everything and come running should we find ourselves in dire need of anything at some point in the trip. You know who you are and we are touched by your offer. We’ll give you a call if we run out of beer or wine at ten o’clock at night on a wild camp site in Northern Scotland.

To all the people who may have paid over the odds to buy our stuff on E-Bay. I hope you get lots of pleasure from your purchase, we certainly will.

To the staff of Freckleton Post Office for letting me down gently each time they have told me that my parcel is too long, too fat, or too heavy and will cost over six pounds to send, not two pounds. It’s tough coming to terms with the fact the postage is more than what you sold the item for. I did learn eventually.

To the many interesting members of the Freecycle community who made it so incredibly difficult to actually give things to you for free. I’m sorry if some of my e-mails got a bit tetchy at times but thank you for an abundance of blogging and dinner party anecdote material. Oh, and for eventually taking the rubbish away of course.

And finally, thank you to our friend’s haidresser who, on having our plans revealed to her responded simply and directly with: “Why?” I don’t know you but I would like say a particular big thank you to you because it is reactions like that which tell us we are definitely doing the right thing.

So thank you all very much and we will be in touch from the road soon. (I will add a picture or two from our Petit Depart later if I can).