I really struggle with the whole self-promotion thing but I have decided I just need to get over it. No matter how uncomfortable it might make me feel, and despite my complete lack of musical talent, I need to start blowing my own trumpet. I tried to write an elegant post all about the conflict between modesty and bragging but I gave up and it’s gone in the trash. I suppose it just comes down to the following:

  1. Finally, I really believe in this blog and I want it to be a success.
  2. The only way it is going to be a success is if lots of people read it.
  3. One way of getting more people to read it is to ask the existing readers to promote it. (That’s you)
  4. Please could you click the little buttons at the bottom of my posts and share the post on Facebook, Twitter etc. if you like what you have read. (Not this one obviously)
  5. I have created a Facebook ‘Fan Page’ here and I would like lots of people to ‘Like’ it so that it will get more publicity.

All I can offer in exchange is a promise to keep writing.

Cheers! Here's to me.

Cheers! Here’s to me.

Thank you. That’s all.