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Those two little symbols above are going to save some people a lot of precious time. You see they are going to serve as a warning whenever I post anything even remotely geeky about cycling, camping or the combination of the two, often referred to, unsurprisingly, as cycle camping. (I prefer cycle touring as it doesn’t have to involve camping). When we are talking to people about our trip they often ask about the bikes or the tent but as soon as we start answering their questions it usually takes about thirty seconds before their eyes glaze over and they remember that urgent dental appointment that they have to get to.

The challenge of talking or writing about the actual equipment we will be using and making it entertaining may well be a challenge too far so the symbols will allow you to ignore such posts and do something more useful with your valuable time. If on the other hand, you can’t get enough of gear ratios and steel tubing materials, then feel free to indulge and I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. (It might be wise not to comment on these posts unless you want all the world to know about your problem.) I am also considering trying to find something interesting or amusing to point the non-geeky readers to as an alternative.

I’ll start with the bikes in the next post just to give a general idea of how they differ from your everyday road bike and why they are specifically better for touring. Don’t forget to look for the symbols and the alternative entertainment.

You have been warned!


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