Missing underwear

It seems that while we are travelling there are some jobs that will still be mine (to be fair Tony is usually cooking tea so it’s a fair deal). Last night, taking advantage of a two night stop in Kirkcudbright and a free token given to me by the campsite warden when I enquired about the cost of using the washing machine (3 pounds), I set about catching up with the washing. Not a difficult task I realise and following the instructions on the top of the washing machine everything was going according to plan. It was such a lovely evening I hoped to get it dry on the rotary washing line so followed the wardens instructions to give the washing an extra spin in the spin drier.

Somethings missing

Somethings missing

As I crammed the drier to the top I thought briefly that maybe it was a bit much and when it rocked rather than spun my more sensible self switched it off and took some out. Two successful spins later the washing wash was much dryer.

As I was getting to the end of attaching the washing to our elasticated camping washing line hooked onto the rotary line, I realised that I hadn’t come across Tony ‘s buff. Cue several minutes of exasperated searching as I checked the washing machine, the spin drier, the surrounding area, the toilets, the washing machine again, the spin drier again, the surrounding area again. How could a buff mysteriously disappear?

Eventually I gave up as Tony called me for my tea and I had to explain that I had lost his buff! He took it very well and after tea as I washed up he repeated my searches with the same lack of result. So we decided to give up and put it down to experience.

However, never one to completely give up and always ready to look in the most unlikely places I went back to the laundry, opened the spin drier, pushed the drum to one side and peered into the darkness. I was sure I could see something, so I poked around the water outlet and pulled out ……. a SOCK! Back I went to the washing line, counted the socks and there was still an uneven number, oh dear that meant that as well as the buff there was another sock in there, and where was my bra? I was sure I had washed it. Tony went and turned the drier upside down, gave it a shake and retrieved the sock but the buff and bra remained lost in the depths. Time to go and tell the warden – not so we could get them back, just so that he was aware. What a nice man, completely unfazed he just offered to take the thing apart and retrieve the offending articles!

This morning we saw him wandering across the campsite with the drier and sometime later he wandered across to our tent holding a buff but no bra. Had the spinner eaten it? No, it was safe and well in my stuff sack!

Being camped above a town we are a little more wary of the safety of our belongings but we would never have suspected the spin drier!


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  1. We are loving reading your blog and keeping track of where you are and tony’s sense of humour just up my street! Hilarious account of missing laundry i bet you were glad you solved the mystery. Glad everything is going to plan. X

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