Indian Squats

Children squat without thinking about it too much

Children squat without thinking about it too much

When I paid a visit to Kelly Thorn at Inner Power Pilates  with a view to improving my core strength and learning some techniques to manage my back spasms and life on a bike and in a tent, I never imagined I would spend an evening happily Googling the phrase “indian squats” and reading about toilet habits!

According to Wikipedia “Young children squat instinctively as a continuous movement from standing up whenever they want to lower themselves to ground level. One and two year olds can commonly be seen playing in a stable squatting position, with feet wide apart and bottom not quite touching the floor, although at first they need to hold onto something to stand up again” .

As we grow into adults we lose flexibility and with it the ability to squat with ease. I didn’t realise this was going to be a problem but it seems that for a life on the road, wild camping at times, spending six months mostly living in a tent and disappearing into the bushes to perform bodily functions it will be an invaluable technique to develop.

Across the Indian continent squatting is a part of daily life as noted by Bombay Jules.  Kelly believes that if I can perfect the technique it will make a big difference to my life on the road, giving me a comfortable natural alternative to sitting cross legged in the tent, leaving Tony and his tight hamstrings with plenty of room to stretch out in. It will also come in handy when it’s my turn to be camp cook and I expect to utilise it fully when I disappear into the bushes with the trowel!

Maybe it won't be quite like this in the bushes!

Maybe it won’t be quite like this in the bushes!


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