Giving and taking

A bit of an update on how our preparations are going.

It’s been quite a week in the house of the Clockwise words this week. The momentum for our trip feels like it’s really developing now. I think I am spending about 75% of my spare time doing things connected with preparations and planning.

The week began with getting rid of the remaining two pieces of furniture that we aren’t putting into storage and because they were big and heavy they were very noticeably gone after they had been collected. The space created kind of shouts,”this is really happening” every time I look at it.


Room to play

It’s also been the busiest week on the blog and on social media with Gill’s article about Indian Squats smashing all previous blog stats. What is it about toilets and toileting that is so fascinating? We have also had, via social media, no less than two offers of accommodation and potentially new friends in the making. I don’t think those two things are connected. I hope not. I really love this side of the project, the way it leads to communication with other bloggers, cyclists and travellers and how those conversations lead to potential meetings and friendships. I am also very excited and flattered to have had something I have written published! It doesn’t involve money, printing or book signing sadly but it’s a start. I submitted an article to another bloggers web site and they were kind enough to say nice things about it and include it on their site.

We now have several potential places to stay on our coastal odyssey, enough to warrant constructing a new Google map to keep track of where they are and with contact details of the generous hosts. And in another nice development we have people who are planning to join us for a few miles or a few days even along the way. Shout up if you would like keep us company too, the more the merrier.

On a practical note my bike has been completely overhauled by our friend Colin who trades as ‘The Bike Magician‘ and is an absolute wizard of a bike mechanic. I am due to pick it up tomorrow and deliver Gill’s bike for similar treatment. I can’t wait to see all the shiny new components on it and try it out on a test ride. Fingers crossed for fine weather.

TLC for the steed

TLC for the steed


Finally, and by no means not insignificantly, in terms of commitment, we have had our first charitable donations. My former employers, Beaverbrooks the Jewellers, (I only worked for them on a temporary three month contract) have donated fifty pounds to each of our two charities and my lovely sister has chipped in with some more.

Its all happening at an increasingly intense pace and gets more exciting by the day. I really can’t wait to get pedalling now.



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