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Friday 23rd May
We are having another unscheduled day off because of the weather. The difference this time is that there is no free wifi on site (we could pay but have chosen not to), no phone signal, no nearby cafe for breakfast or pub for lunch.We spent the morning listening to the rain on the tent debating what to do. We are in Achmelvich, a very picturesque remote spot on the north coast of Scotland. Picturesque and hilly, we did 34 miles yesterday to get here from Ullapool. The hills were worth it as the views were rugged and spectacular. The sort of views that make you feel very small and insignificant.

Views that make me feel small

Views that make me feel small

I have never been anywhere quite like it. Consequently we have tired legs and are both feeling a bit lethargic. The longer we lay in the tent the less we felt like moving on. Horror of horrors though, the milk supply that was plentiful enough for the original travel plan was fast running out and there is no shop. We did spot a fish and chip shop that said it’s open today, that could solve the food problem for tonight and leave our emergency meal intact for another day.

At 11.30 ish we finally decided to stay. The fish and chip shop is definitely open and the dour campsite owner turned out to be a kind soul who understands the need for a brew.  When asked about milk she filled a large jug for us and wouldn’t accept any money.

So far the mood in the tent is good. We have survived a potentially stressful morning while we decided what to do. To be honest I think we are both glad of the rest.

Plentiful brews and the thought of fish and chips help!image


5 thoughts on “Brews and Views

  1. Thank goodness you have slowed a little. You have months…take your time…you seem to be at my work pace at the moment x Loving your pictures and enjoying your blog

    • We are just about bang on our 1000 mile a month schedule. Going to Orkney today or tomorrow for a little break.

  2. Being a Yorkshireman, exiled in Denmark, I would kill for fish and chips.

    I am really enjoying the blog and the photos. I hope the knees are holding out OK. They say Northumberland is the best place in England to ride and so am looking forward to your opoinions.

    Do you plan your route day to day or do you have a good idea of your route?


    • We plan it as we go Steve. Knees not too bad but we both need some rest so we are going to take a break from the loaded cycling on Orkney. Will let you know on Northumberland.

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