Boys beware

In a conversation in the Ship during our farewell drinks session what seems like a lifetime ago but is actually less than two weeks, I was discussing the blog with Susie Burns and she made a request for blogs that contain the experience as much as the journey. So this one is for you Susie B.

From a girls perspective there were lots of questions about how I was going to cope without my creature comforts. What you have to remember is that we have been touring for a few years now so I have already learned to live without make up, only having two sets of clothes, using minimal amounts of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. The challenge for me this time is really about how I will cope longer term and I can’t answer that yet as we have only been gone a week, but I do have some changes to report.

In the challenge to manage my hair I stopped having it coloured more than six months ago, stopped using conditioner a couple of months ago and dabbled with joining the no shampoo brigade before we left (unsuccessfully as it happens because we had so many social engagements). Since we left I have shampooed it twice in eight days, water washed it four times and done nothing except use my even bristle brush (as recommended by Linda Neville) twice. I have to report that it looks OK. Linda did actually report through gritted teeth when I had my last trim before we left that it was in very good condition. It is of course easier now that I can get it in a ponytail, and it also spends most of its time hidden under a cycle helmet or a hat at the moment. Time will tell with this one girls as the need to go bare headed arrives.

Hair in other areas is another thing! I keep forgetting to shave my legs. When you are in a shower with a push button to turn the water on it is a chilly prospect. I have bared them a couple of times this week. I don’t stop anywhere long enough for it to be noticed, but having seen a woman walking through one of the places we stopped at with high heels and bare, very obviously hairy legs it’s not a look I covet, so the vanity of shaving will continue as long as I can remember to do it!

 I’m not sure how many of you will admit to the occasional long hair sprouting from your chin area, but I’m sure I can’t be the only one. They seem to appear overnight. In a bathroom with good light they are easy to spot, but I did find myself stroking my chin and OMG there was one. I have no idea how many days it was there but it’s gone now.

My eyebrows are another challenge. Plucking is a pain so I’m not doing it routinely, however I quite like having two eyebrows so I need to keep an eye on that. I’m sure one long eyebrow is not a good look!

The clothes thing is OK. I’m rarely in the same place two nights running. I wear the same thing for as long as I can get away with and I’m not on the pull or in a fashion parade. I’m already a bit feathery (leakage from the sleeping bag) but not too scruffy yet. That will come I’m sure but Tony will be in the same state.

Finding a place to pee at the side of the road is much more challenging for us girls. That is until you purchase a p-style. I wasn’t sure I could discuss this publicly until I saw Alex Jones chatting with Michael MacIntyre on TV  about using a Shewee half way up a rock climb during a Sport Relief challenge. The p-style is basically a plastic device that enables you to pee standing up. If you are really interested Google it. There’s a very comprehensive video. I have used it several times this week, mostly successfully once I relaxed and it makes choosing a pee spot much easier.

I think that’s enough for now. There will be more to report as the journey continues. When I eventually catch up with any of you please forgive me if I’m not picture perfect.


4 thoughts on “Boys beware

  1. love this blog Gill, I have been looking after my hair this way for years and my hairdresser says it is always in good condition. You will be fine there dear cousin and as for not looking pristine when we see you, it doesn’t matter you are on an adventure and adventurers are supposed to look a bit dishevelled lol.

  2. Hot tip Gill: you can nip into some Superdrugs and get your ‘tache, beard and eyebrows threaded there and then. Much quicker than doing it yourself and it lasts at least a fortnight ime. And I have a full-on goatee and monobrow!

  3. Don’t worry about you hair Gill after a while you will find it is quite grateful not to have all the chemical put on it and you will probably find a wash every 5 to 10 days is fine and it will remain in good condition. As for the facial hair aren’t they a curse!!! Keep on having fun. x

  4. That’s all very interesting Gill but the fact remains that you would look good in a potatoe sack.Tony is a very lucky lad 😉

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