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Hi, we’re Tony and Gill Pearson and this is our story.

Do you ever ask the question; What if? We used to ask that question a lot of the time and then one day about ten years ago we decided to stop asking it and to go and find the answer instead. A late night conversation sometime after our youngest left home led to the realisation that we both wanted the same thing and that thing was not to grow old asking the question; What if?

That conversation set us off on a never ending journey to make the most of however long we had left on this earth and part of that journey was a 4,500 mile bike ride around the coast of Britain. For a while the cycle ride was everything; the preparation, the actual trip itself and the post adventure blues became such a big event in our lives that we lost sight of the fact that it was really only a part of something much bigger, something even more adventurous and exciting. We learned through that ride that no matter how far you might cycle or walk, no matter how high or remote the mountain you might climb, nothing comes close to the challenge of simply deciding what to do with your brief time in this world.

Since we came to this realisation our lives have been constantly changing, as we continue to explore new ideas and possibilities. We have given up on careers, learned to live with a fraction of the money we used to have and now we focus on acquiring the things that cost little but bring the most rewards. Things like the memory of a challenging day in the hills or a magical sunset viewed from the door of a tent on the beach. Time spent with family and friends is something you just can’t withdraw from an ATM no matter how much is in the account.

We now live on our Golden Girl, a 57 foot narrow boat, spending winter in Rufford, Lancashire in Fettler’s Wharf marina and cruising the UK canal net work in the summer. The challenges of life afloat have been exciting, demanding and rewarding but they haven’t been all consuming. Gill has managed to find the time to discover a real talent for painting and our modest dining area now doubles as artist’s studio. You can view her work on the Gill Pearson Art website.

We are not trying to sell our lifestyle to anybody else or to suggest that we have any answers. We are just doing our best to squeeze the juice from life’s lemon and this is the story of that process. It’s mostly a light hearted and hopefully amusing account of how we are attempting to avoid the awful prospect of getting to the finishing line and being unable to think of anything to say other than, “What if?”

Tony and Gill
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Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. ~ Albert Einstein

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. ~ Albert Einstein

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